JLR The Engineering Solutions Company

We are an Engineering Services company with a focus on Finite Element Analysis - FEA, Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD, and related computational engineering tools.  We also sell commercial and educational versions of ANSYS, CFX, ICEM CFD, Fluent, ANSYS LS Dyna and Century Dynamics (AQWA, AUTODYN) products in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain States,.

Our FEA and CFD consultants are accomplished engineers & analysts. We solve a broad range of engineering analysis problems based on FEA and CFD techniques including stress analysis, fluid dynamics, kinematics, heat transfer, dynamics and vibration (seismic, harmonic), structural dynamics and electromagnetics.  For examples of the industries, capabilities, and experience, please visit our FEA consulting and CFD consulting pages.

FEA Consulting and CFD Consulting

Visit our FEA Consulting or CFD Consulting
pages to learn about how we can:

  • help you design better products with optimization, trade-off, and sensitivity studies

  • analyze the most complex engineering problems that require complex physics simulation

  • conduct engineering failure analysis and root cause analyses using FEA & CFD

  • Expert Witness, Litigation, and Patent Infringement engineering work.
  • Create and/or Grow a FEA or CFD engineering department within your company.  Leverage our expertise in optimal engineering data process flows, HPC / Cluster / Parallel Processing configuration.





ANSYS Training Classes 

JLR-SimuTech also provides world-class training throughout North America as well as on-site custom classes for all of ANSYS' product line.


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JLR is now SimuTech Group. We are a Engineering Services company with a staff of ~80 with offices across North America that focuses on FEA consulting, CFD consulting, Testing services, and Engineering Software sales and support. Read more at the SimuTech Group homepage